Unemployed Youth Initiative

Unemployment is a widespread challenge in South Africa and the numbers are rising due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition South Africa has among the highest youth unemployment rate globally. As the economy struggles from the coronavirus pandemic and the resultant lockdown, these numbers are likely to worsen

Esri South Africa have implemented numerous initiatives and have formed strategic partnerships to assist with skills development and to pass on critical geospatial skills to unemployed youth, aligning them to possible job opportunities. Adaptation and upskilling are essential, and these initiatives aim to educate people and reskill individuals impacted by COVID-19. Many of the skills can be learnt online.

“Technology is changing workplace roles, expectations, and opportunities. We believe learning is an essential strategy for success and geospatial skills are now, more than ever, an in-demand and highly-employable skill,” says Patrick McKivergan, Managing Director of Esri South Africa.

Esri South Africa offers free instructor led training for Unemployed Youth once a month in limited numbers and online for unemployed youth with a tertiary qualification.

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