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Iviwe Walaza

Iviwe Walaza is a recent honours graduate from University of Johannesburg who studied BA honours in Geography majoring in Remote Sensing and GIS. She is willing to relocate and available immediately.

Refilwe Pilane

Refilwe is an entry level professional in the GIS and environmental science industry with proficiency in Qgis and Arcgis software. Her academic qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in environmental Science and geography with an ESRI course training certificate.

Elizmay Vos CV

Elizmay Vos is a GIS Specialist with the following credentials: MSc (Geoinformatics): US, BSc Hons (GIS: Environmental Geography): US, BSc: US SACNASP: Candidate Natural Scientist (Geospatial Science)

Tumisang Sepeame

Tumisang has Spatial Planning GIS, and Environmental management and is seeking an employment opportunity

Tshikovha m.P c.V

Madzanga Petunia Tshikova has a Bachelor of Environmental Sciences from the University of Venda with modules: Ecology and Resources Management .Hydrology and water resources. Biology. Envronmental law. Urban and regional planning and she has experience as Waste Management Officer

Zamachunu Mchunu

Zamachunu Mchunu has a B.Sc. in Geography and Environmental Management from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and she is looking for an employment opportunity.

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