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Elizmay Vos CV

Elizmay Vos is a GIS Specialist with the following credentials: MSc (Geoinformatics): US, BSc Hons (GIS: Environmental Geography): US, BSc: US SACNASP: Candidate Natural Scientist (Geospatial Science)

Tumisang Sepeame

Tumisang has Spatial Planning GIS, and Environmental management and is seeking an employment opportunity

Tshikovha m.P c.V

Madzanga Petunia Tshikova has a Bachelor of Environmental Sciences from the University of Venda with modules: Ecology and Resources Management .Hydrology and water resources. Biology. Envronmental law. Urban and regional planning and she has experience as Waste Management Officer

Zamachunu Mchunu

Zamachunu Mchunu has a B.Sc. in Geography and Environmental Management from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and she is looking for an employment opportunity.

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