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Braam Ockert du Plooy

Braam is a Senior Spatial Consultant with 20 Years GIS experience on a multitude of systems and implementations. He is a graduate Geographer with a master’s degree in Geography and Environmental Management who did most of his GIS work in a professional GIS company focussing mainly on ESRI suite of products. He has also limited knowledge of other GIS and CAD systems like Small World, AutoCAD etc.

Elizmay Vos

Elizmay Vos is a Geomatics Professional seeking employment. She has the following qualifications: MSc Degree (GeoInformatics) 2014 BSc Honours (GIS: Environmental Geography) 2009 BSc Degree (Geology And Geography) 2008 and vast experience in the field of GISc.

Kwezi Dyantyi

Kwezi Dyantyi is seeking an opportunity to do in-service training. His supporting CV is attached. Further information may be obtained from the GISSA Secretary.

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