Technical Courses in GISc

Border Technikon
PO Box 1421, East London 5200
Tel: (403) 708-5200 Fax: (403) 708-7331

The Border Technikon provides technologically trained and vocationally skilled manpower in response to market requirements. Its main campus is located in the Eastern Cape Province , halfway between East London and King William s Town.

Cape Technikon
The Registrar, PO Box 652 , Cape Town , 8000
Tel: (021) 460-3132/ 3911 Fax: (021) 451-7564

The Cape Technikon is governed by the Technikon Council of elected members, representing commerce, industry and the community. English and Afrikaans may be used as the medium of instruction, and candidates cannot be guaranteed that instruction will necessarily take place in the language of their choice.

Eastern Cape Technikon
Private Bag X3182, Butterworth, 4960, EasternCape
Tel : (0474) 601-2000, Fax: (0474) 492-0735
E-mail Registrar:

Eastern Cape Technikon gives special emphasis to Electrical Engineering, Rural Telecommunication &Electrification, Automotive Mechanical Engineering, and community directed Civil and Building Sciences Projects. The Technikon offers tertiary education in appropriate technology at Diploma, Higher diploma, Degree and Higher Degree level to fulfill the needs of the Eastern Cape Province with special emphasis on serving the area covering the Border and Transkei from the Fish River to Umzimkhulu river in the East. ECT maintains cooperative relationships with other tertiary educational institutions in the Province.

FOSS GIS Academy


Open Source GIS Courses
QGIS, PostGIS, OpenLayers, GeoDjango, MapServer, GRASS and more

The FOSSGIS Academy is a joint venture between Linfiniti Consulting cc, AfriSpatial cc and Geograph (Pty) Ltd. FOSSGIS Academy was formed with the aim of creating a formalised FOSS GIS training curriculum to provide the needed injection of FOSS GIS skilled workers into the geospatial workplace. We aim to provide training courses in a professional environment at a reasonable price to show you how to make the best of all the great FOSS GIS tools out there.

Mangosuthu Technikon
PO Box 12363 , Jacobs, 4026
Tel: (031) 907-7111, Fax: (031) 907-2892

Mangosuthu Technikon is located in South Durban , near the industrial hub of the city.

Medical University of Southern Africa
PO Box 189 , Medunsa 0204
Tel: (012) 529-4222, Fax: (012) 560-0086

A Pilot Committee was established in 1975 to advise the Minister of Education regarding the establishment of a university to train black health professionals. During January 1978, the first 166 students attended lectures. MEDUNSA provides community orientated tertiary education, training and research in health and related sciences, including animal health.

M. L. Sultan Technikon
PO Box 1334 , Durban 4000
Tel: (031) 308-5111 Fax: (031) 308-5194


Technikon Northwest
PO Box 911-1263, Rosslyn 0200
Tel: (014) 613-2251 Fax: (014) 613-2255


Peninsula Technikon
PO Box 1906 , Bellville 7535
Tel: (021) 959-6911, Fax: (021) 951-5617

Peninsula Technikon seeks to create opportunities for students from previously disadvantaged communities to enable them to enter higher education and succeed. It s aim is to become the premier technology center in Africa dealing with the problems of Africa . In order to respond to the challenge of bringing about greater equity among its student population, it has recently embarked on a program aimed at attracting more female students to the science and engineering disciplines.

Port Elizabeth Technikon
Private Bag X6011, Port Elizabeth 6000, Eastern Cape Province
Tel: (041) 504-3911, Fax: (041) 533-644/53-1558

Situated in the Eastern Cape and established in 1882, this tertiary institution offer both formal and non-formal career-orientated courses in 11 faculties, on 3 campuses. Long recognized for its partnerships with industry and other Eastern Cape institutions of higher education, the PE Technikon continues to maintain a reputation for research, cooperative education, and community service.

Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education
The Registrar, Joon van Rooy Building
11 Hoffman Street, Potchefstroom 2531
Private Bag X6001, Potchefstroom, 2520
Tel: (018) 299-1111, Fax: (018) 299-2799

A university based on a Christian foundation, with an entrepreneurial focus and service orientation. The language medium of the University is Afrikaans but some classes are taught in English. The Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education was founded by the Reformed Churches in South Africa in 1869.

Rand Afrikaans University
PO Box 524 , Auckland Park 2006
Tel: (011) 489 2911, Fax: (011) 489 2191

The Rand Afrikaans University , situated in Johannesburg - the focal point of South Africa s mining, finance and manufacturing industries - was established in 1967 as the academic home of Afrikaans speaking students of the Witwatersrand . RAU was intended, through its Afrikaans spirit and character, to further and enrich the culture, philosophies of life, and pursuits of the Afrikaner nation. Courses in the full-time undergraduate programs to doctoral level are presented in Afrikaans and English. Approximately 21,000 full-time and part-time students are enrolled at the University.

Rhodes University
PO Box 94 , Grahamstown, 6140
Tel: (046) 603 811, Fax: (046) 622 5049 , URL:

Rhodes University is situated in Grahamstown in the Cape Province . Over 4000 students study courses in over 80 subjects lectured by 269 academics in 38 departments in 8 Faculties. Founded in 1904, Rhodes is the ninth oldest of Africa s 125 universities.

Technikon Free State
Address: 20 President Brand Street , Bloemfontein
Postal Address: Private Bag X 20539, Bloemfontein 9300
Tel. (051) 507-3911, Fax: (051) 507-3199

Technikon Free State is a medium-sized tertiary institution in the central region of the country providing career-orientated higher education. Academic affairs include Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Civil and Agricultural Engineering disciplines, as well as Biomedical and Clinical Technology, Radiography, Food Technology and Environmental Science. Courses are offered in the commercial and administrative fields. There are, courses in Management, Marketing, Accounting, Computer Studies, Business Administration, Public Administration, Advanced Secretarial Training, Teacher Training and Communication and Languages, Art and Design and Photography.

Technikon Natal
70 Mansfield Road, Berea, Durban 4001
PO Box 953, Durban 4000
Tel: (031) 204-2111, Fax: (031) 22-3405

Programs range from three-year Diplomas and four year Higher Diplomas to the Master s Diploma in Technology and the six-year Laureatus in Technology. Staff support services include Staff Development and a Tertiary Teaching Center.

Technikon Northern Gauteng
Private Bag X07, Pretoria-North 0116
Tel: (012) 799-9000, Fax: (012) 793-0966


Technikon Pretoria
Postal Address: Private Bag X680 Pretoria0001
Tel: (012) 318-5911 Fax: (012) 318-5114

Technikon Pretoria (TP) is the largest residential technikon in Southern Africa . Founded in 1906, it has operated in its present form as a Technikon since 1979.

Technikon SA
The Registrar, Private Bag X6, Florida, 1710
Tel: (011) 471-2000, Fax: (011) 471-2134

Technikon SA began as Technikon RSA. In 1980 there were only 4000 students and a staff of 22 lecturers. By 1989, the Technikon moved to the Florida campus, and student enrollment reached 19,215. In 1993, the Technikon launched its present identity and name. Its mission includes provision for ‘distance’, rather than ‘correspondence’, learning.

Technikon Witwatersrand
P0 Box 17011 , Doornfontein , Gauteng 2028
Tel: (011) 406-2911 Fax: (011) 402-0475

Located in the Gauteng province which is the commercial, financial and industrial heartland of South Africa, with Johannesburg as its capital.

University of Cape Town
The Registrar, University Private Bag, Rondebosch 7701
Tel: (021) 650-9111, Fax: (021) 650-2138

Founded in 1829 as the South African College and constituted by Charter in 1918 as the University of Cape Town . UCT s vision is to be a world-class African university. The medium of instruction and examination is English. Cape Town is the legislative capital of South Africa and is home to a cosmopolitan community.

University of Durban-Westville
University Road, Private Bag X54001, Durban, 4000
Tel: (031) 204-4111 Fax: (031) 204-4383

The University of Durban-Westville was established in 1971, originally to educate students classified by apartheid as Indian. UDW is realizing its vision of becoming a truly national university. An increasing number of its graduate are from disadvantaged communities. Tuition and residence fees are considerably lower than those of the older universities.

University of Fort Hare
Private Bag X1314, Alice , 5700
Tel: (0404) 2-2011, Fax: (0404) 3-1669

The University of Fort Hare is one of the oldest and best known universities of Africa . Established in 1916, it was the first historically black universities in South Africa . The National Heritage Cultural Studies Centre is the home of the archives of the Unity Movement of S.A., Azapo, Black Consciousness Movement, and the PAC. The library holds a portion of the ANC archives. The University also has one of the most comprehensive collections of black South African art. Affirmative action is a guiding principle.

University of Free State
PO Box 339 , Bloemfontein , Free State 9300
Tel: (051) 401-9111, Fax: (051) 401-2117
E-mail address:

The media of instruction at the university are English and Afrikaans. Changes in the teaching-learning environment have compelled the academic staff to be involved in understanding and handling student diversity, curriculum restructuring, course and material development, improving language development, academic literacy and promoting academic skills, and changing approaches to teaching and methods of instruction.

University of Natal (Durban)
The Registrar, Durban, 4041
Private Bag, X10 Dalbridge 4014
Tel: (031) 260-1111, Fax: (031) 260-2214

The University of Natal offers students the choice of two centers, each with its own distinctive character. Durban is a vibrant coastal city and major South African port. The medical school is located on this campus. The medium of instruction is English.

University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg)
Private Bag, X01 Scottsville 3200
Tel: (031) 260-5111, Fax: (031) 260-5599

Pietermaritzburg is located on hour s drive inland from the Indian Ocean . This campus includes an extensive Agriculture Faculty and the Institute for Natural Resources.

University of Northwest
Private Bag X2046, Mmabatho , North West Province 2735
Tel: (0140) 89-2131 Fax: (0140) 25775

Consists of five schools: Administration and Management, Agriculture, Education, Health and Social Sciences and Law. There are three research institutes on Development, Education, and African Studies. (Formerly named University of Bophuthatswana)

The University of Port Elizabeth
The Registrar, PO Box 1600 , Port Elizabeth , 6000
Tel: (041) 504-2111, Fax: (041) 504-2574

UPE aims to provide quality education for its multicultural and diverse student population. Founded in 1964, UPE has about 5500 students taking degrees and diplomas in 6 faculties. The main campus is in Summerstrand on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth . The campus grounds form part of the Cape Receife Nature Reserve.

University of Pretoria
Pretoria 0002,
Tel: (012) 420-4111, Fax: (012) 420-3284
E-mail Registrar:

"The University of Pretoria was founded in 1908 and is currently the largest residential university in South Africa with 27,035 on-campus students and 26,363 distance education students. As the leading research tertiary institution in South Africa, the university provides the opportunity for studies in 139 academic departments in 11 faculties. These faculties include Arts, Biological and Agricultural Sciences, Dentistry, Economic and Management Sciences, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science, Theology and Veterinary Sciences. Courses are presented in English and Afrikaans, to provide in the needs of a multicultural student body."

University of South Africa
PO Box 392 , Pretoria 0003
Tel: (012) 429-3111 Fax: (012) 429-3221

The University of South Africa was established as the University of the Cape of Good Hope in 1873. It became the University of South Africa in 1916. In 1946, Unisa pioneered tertiary distance education. Unisa offers certificate, diploma, and degree courses up to doctoral level in six faculties: Arts, Economic and Management Sciences, Law, Science, Education and Theology and Religious Studies.

University of Stellenbosch
The Registrar, Private Bag X1, Matieland 7602
Tel: (021) 808-4516, Fax: (021) 808-3822

The history of the University dates back to the Stellenbosch Gymnasium, in 1866. Out of the Gymnasium the "Arts Department"was established and it became the "StellenboschCollege"in 1881. This name was changed to "Victoria College "in 1887. The Victoria College in turn acquired university status in 1918 and became The University of Stellenbosch. The medium of instruction for undergraduate and honours courses is primarily Afrikaans.

University of the North
Director of International Programs
Private Bag X1106, Sovenga, 0720
Tel: (0152) 268-9111, Fax: (0152) 267-0152

Began operations in 1960. Gives priority to science and technology, agriculture, health, and management sciences. There are research institutes on a agriculture and electron microscope.

University of the Western Cape
Private Bag X17, Bellville 7535
Tel: (021) 959-2301, Fax:(021) 959-2376

UWC was started in 1960 as a university college for those whom apartheid classified Coloured. The first black Rector was appointed in 1975, and in 1983 it gained its autonomy from direct political control.

University of Transkei
The Registrar, Private Bag X1, UNITRA, 5117
Tel: (0471) 302-2702, Fax: (0471) 302-2595

The University of Transkei (Unitra) was established within the disabling frame work of apartheid. Tertiary education in Transkei was only initiated in l976 when Unitra was established as a branch of the University of Fort Hare. The University recognizes the need to develop national manpower capacity for the health care delivery system, sciences, industry and commerce, and it is pursuing increased student enrollment in these subject areas. The University has a student body of over 7000 and a staff complement of l700, with academic staff drawn from virtually every continent.

University of Venda
Private Bag X5050, Thohoyandou , Venda 0950
Tel: (0159) 21071, Fax: (0159) 22045

Offers degrees and diplomas in seven schools: agriculture, rural development and forestryhuman sciencesbusiness, economics and administrationeducationlawmathematics and natural sciencesand environmental sciences.

University of the Witwatersrand
Private Bag 3, WITS, 2050
Tel: (011) 716-1111, Fax: (011) 716-8030

A university since 1922, Wits is a center for education and research at the commercial heart of South Africa . It has 9 faculties: Architecture, Arts, Commerce, Education, Engineering, Law, Management, Health Sciences (includes School of Oral Health Sciences ) and Science. Wits employs nearly 4,000 staff, of which approximately 1,250 are academic staff, educating 19,000 students.

University of Zululand
Private Bag X1001, Kwadlangezwa 3886
Tel: (0351) 93911 ext. 2885, Fax: (0351) 93489

Faculties of the University of Zululand are Faculty of Arts, Commerce and Administration, Education, Law, Science, and Theology. Also operates Umlazi Extramural Division in Umlazi, Durban , where evening classes are offered.

Vaal Triangle Technikon
Private Bag X021, Vanderbijlpark 1900
Tel: (016) 85 3239, Fax: (016) 85-5049

The Technikon opened its doors in 1966 with 189 students. Now students from all over the country enroll to pursue engineering, food technology, fashion design, fine art, accountancy, computer technology, analytical chemistry, travel and tourism, and a host of other professions. It is located near the scenic Vaal river and within easy driving distance of Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Vista University
263 Skinner Street, Pretoria, Private Bag X634 Pretoria, 0001
Tel: (016) 950 9000, Fax: (016) 950 9999

Vista is a multi-campus, mixed-mode university providing tertiary education at seven contact campuses based in major black urban areas and correspondence study through a Distance Education Campus based in Pretoria . With a student enrollment of 32,182, Vista is the second largest university in South Africa , and, having been established in 1982, is also South Africa s youngest university.


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