Novum Intel – a new voice for Africa’s geospatial and location intelligence industry

Last year saw the closing of EE Publishers and with that the end of PositionIT, the industry journal for Geoinformation Science. Pierre Potgieter who reported for PositionIT and who is well known to many GISSA members has established a new platform Novum Intel that will hopefully fill this niche.
In Pierre's own words:
"Location is context. It gives other information context. It helps us find solutions by answering the question of “where”, and so informs our understanding of “why”. Location is the ultimate form of data enrichment, providing data coherence by being the unifying thread for stitching information together.
While geospatial and location-informed data, tools and solutions are the obvious choice in any digital toolkit, it would be wrong to assume that they are inevitably used.
This is why Novum Intel created an intelligently-designed, comprehensive news and information service platform for geospatial and location intelligence professionals across Africa. Through multimedia (video, audio, text and infographic) articles, we aim to build a strong and united African industry and promote localised location solutions in all their splendour!
Novum Intel is a platform for information, ideas and knowledge-sharing for the geospatial and location intelligence industry across sectors across Africa."
With completely free and open access, GISSA members can:
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest, Africa-focused industry, company and policy news, alongside full feature articles and in-depth analyses.
  • Find out about the latest industry events – from conferences and webinars to workshops and more – on our full-feature calendar which allows event-filtering by type, location and date.
  • Register for a free membership account to bookmark/save their favourite articles, videos and podcasts for easy reference. Even more services will follow soon.
  • Get all the most important articles twice a month to stay relevant in their field, by signing up for the newsletter, which can be read at their convenience.

GISSA members are encouraged to visit Novum Intel and pick up on the latest developments in GI Science, locally and in Africa.

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