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University of the Witwatersrand


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School of Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies


Undergraduate courses offered as part of the BA and BSc in Geography programmes

Geog2013: Methods, Models and GIS

This course introduces students to Geographic Information Systems. The course comprises of lectures, tutorials and practicals. The lectures cover topics related to the history of mapping and the construction of identity through maps. Tutorials are used to discuss introductory topics in computer science, co-ordinate systems and database design. ArcGIS is used to teach students how to use GIS software during the practicals.

Geog 3017: GIS and Remote Sensing

This course introduces students to the science of remote sensing. The course is comprised of lectures and practicals as well as tutorials. Topics covered include the history of remote sensing; the physical principles of remote sensing; satellite data and imagery and digital image processing to name just a few. The pratical exercises are carried out using IDRISI Taiga software.

Courses part of Honours in Geography

Geog 4013: Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing

Postgraduate honours course which is an introduction to GIS and RS themes for students that have not done these subjects before. Students are taught using a combination of lectures and practicals. Themes of the course include coordinate systems, database design and spatial analysis. Other techniques incluse image processing and intepretation.

Geog 4015: Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing

This course provides students with an advanced understanding of GIS and remote sensing through hands-on experience. The aim of the course is to develop the ability of the students to pre-process, analyse and critically assess a variety of datasets and apply the findings to a range of topics addressed by GIS and remote sensing professionals. The remote sensing section of this course will focus on the use of remote sensing for environmental monitoring. We will cover topics such as monitoring landscape health and productivity, change detection mapping and the mapping of contamination from sources such as acid mine drainage.

The GIS section will focus on in-depth knowledge of the sourcing of primary quantitative and qualitative data and their processing to create fundamental datasets for spatial analysis and problem solving. Students will learn to analyze surface terrain characteristics and derived properties (i.e. slope, hydrology, curvature), to create continuous surfaces from a set of points, analyze spatial patterns using geostatistical methods, and integrate GIS with remote sensing.

The teaching consists of brief lectures, followed by discussions and practical exercises.

MSc (by research) and PhD in Geography or Archaeology

Supervision is offered for projects in GIS and Remote Sensing in archaeology, geography, environmental studies, sustainability and risk management. Please refer to the School’s website for staff expertise and possible research topics (in collaboration, amongst others, with the  Gauteng City-Region Observatory) :




Department of Geography & Environmental Studies
University of Stellenbosch
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Geography & Environmental Studies


Geography & Environmental Studies


BSc (3-year)*, BSc Hons (1-year)*, MSc, and PhD in GeoInformatics awarded by the Natural Sciences faculty

BA Socio-Informatics (GeoInformatics); BA Hons GIS; MA GIS; PhD Geography & Environmental Studies (with GIS as focus) awarded by the Arts and Social Sciences faculty

* Courses PLATO-accredited (in combination) for GISc Practitioner at Professional level.

Visit these pages for more for more information about Undergraduate, Honours, Masters and PhD courses.


University of Johannesburg


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For information on enrolment:
Prof. F Ahmed
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Department of Geography,  Environmental Management and Energy Studies


Course in Geo-Informatics 1 & 2
The Geo-Informatics courses are more in depth courses to the theory and practise of GIS (course 1) and Remote Sensing (course 2) respectively as seen from a geographical point of view with emphasis placed on analyses.


§  Geo-Informatics 1 (GIS) is presented during the first semester of each year.

§  Geo-Informatics 2 (Remote Sensing) is presented during the second semester of each year.

These courses form part of the full honours course in Geography where it can be selected as one of several specialisation courses, or as individual non-graduate courses leading to a certificate. If followed as a separate entity for non-graduate purposes in order to acquire a certificate in Geo-Informatics, candidates must have a university degree and some introduction to GIS in their undergraduate programme.

These two certificate courses are registered with SAQUA with 30 credit points and currently on level 7, but in the new SAQUA system will change to level 8.


North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus


Geography and Environmental Management
School for Geo- and Spatial Sciences
North-West University Potchefstroom Campus
Private Bag X6001


Department Geography and Environmental Management



Degree in Geography: Introduction to GIS part of practical work in 2nd year and GIS module in 3rd year.


BSc Honors in Geography and Environmental Management: Introduction to GIS, Applications in GIS, Earth Observation are three of the core modules (16 credits each).

Masters: Full-time research masters (MSc)

The NMMU Spatical Technologies Unit offers a distance short learning programme in GIS (Geographical Information Systems) on the NMMU eLearning website.   We do not know whether PLATO recognises our Short Learning Programme towards professional registration.   However the NQF Level is 5, credits 30 and the notional hours 300.


Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University


North Campus
Port Elizabeth. 
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website:    - click on Geographical Information Systems (GIS)



Faculty of Engineering, The Built Environment, School of ICT, Spatial Technologies Unit.


This is a distance short learning programme in GIS (Geographical Information Systsems) and is offered on the NMMU’s eLearning Website.  The students can register at any time of the year up to the end of October.   Assignments are tutor assessed and the certificate will be based on the pass mark of the assignments.  The course duration is one year.  All three modules are compulsory. They are:    

  • Module 1 = Basics of GIS data
  • Module 2 = GIS Analysis
  • Module 3 = Practical GIS Project


Cape Town


The Secretary
Department of Geomatics
University of Cape Town
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Geomatics Division


Four year BSc (Geomatics) degree, awarded by the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment. There are currently three streams on offer within the degree programme, with some flexibility within these streams. The streams are:

BSc(Geomatics) in Geoinformatics, with a third year major in one of the following:

·         Computer Science

§  Environmental and Geographic Science

§  Geology

BSc(Geomatics) in Surveying

BSc(Geomatics) in Planning, a five year combined programme with the Masters in City and Regional Planning


Postgraduate Studies
Information on the BSc (Hons) in GIS programme can be found at:


Students wishing to specialise further may register for a research Masters or Doctoral degree.

The Department has a very strong research and teaching record and is respected internationally as a leader in Geomatics education and research.




Department of Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology
Geography Building
University of Pretoria
Pretoria, 0002
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Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology


Department Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology

BSc Geoinformatics

The degree is accredited by SAGC for registration as a GISc Technologist. Click here to read more or contact Ms Victoria Rautenbach at 012 420 3489 or at


BSc Hons Geoinformatics

The degree is accredited by SAGC for registration as a Professional GISc Practitioner, provided an applicant already meets the requirements for GISc Technologist. Clickhere to read more or contact Dr Serena Coetzee at 012 420 3823 or at


MSc and PhD in Geoinformatics

Click here to read more about the degrees. For student research project opportunities and potential supervisors, refer to the Centre for Geoinformation Science. For any other queries contact Dr Serena Coetzee at 012 420 3823 or at


CE at UP courses

GISc Professional Practice  Click here to read more.

General enquiries

Contact Ms Erika Pretorius at 012 420 3737 or at


Rhodes University


P.O.Box 94, Grahamstown
Telephone (Secretary): +27-(0)46 603 8319
Lecturer: +27-(0)46 603 8322
Rhodes University

Gillian McGregor
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Department of Geography


G302 - Introduction to GIS

Honours : Students can have a GIS focus in their honours studies by taking one or more GIS based modules as part of their 5 honours modules: Extended GIS; GIS Internship; GIS based research project.

Masters and PhD: Students may use GIS as their main research method/tool in any field of Geography supported by our academic staff.

Short Course: Introduction to GIS (Rhodes Certificate course, 5 day short course)

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