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New journal for the surveying sectors
EE Publishers (Pty) Ltd has recently acquired the business and title of the journal "Position" from TechnoGraphix (Pty) Ltd. The journal is being redesigned, restructured and is renamed "PositionIT". It will be published six times a year.

PositionIT will publish a sound mix of technical and semi-technical articles, industry and institute news, views, comment and opinion, as well as company, project, product, technology, people and event news of a more promotional nature. It will be presented in a lively, attractive and easy-to-read format.

Articles published will be high-quality, topical, relevant and market-focused articles written by expert authors, complimented with valuable news articles from top local vendors, keeping the public abreast of technologies, developments, applications and news in applicable fields of interest.

PositionIT strives to provide a forum of communication for the GIS industry in Southern Africa and to be the leading journal in its sector. While providing news and technical articles for our readers, it will also serve as a voice for the various institutes of the industry by publishing relevant articles containing institute news, events and meetings.

Further details of PositionIT, and our other magazines, can be found through the new EE Publishers website or directly from the PositionIT website.

We look forward to your support and to working together to provide a voice for all those involved in PositionIT's exciting fields.

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