SAQA GISc SGB (South African Geo-Information Science Standards Generating body)

The GISc SGB is actively working towards the establishment of Unit standards and GISc Qualifications for the South African industry. Also in the pipelins is a GISc Learnership that will help the industry to address the demographic imbalances. Read more about this from the following Article by Gaby van Wyk and Chris Vlok.

Qualifications provide a framework of learnig for new entrants in the market, but at the same time they also offer existing practitioners to measure themselves against the rest of the industry. This external link offers a first glimpse at what the GISc qualifications are going to be like.

Unit standards form the basic building blocks of the Qualifications. The US matrix gives a summary of the development to date. The different lists include the actual unit standard documents as well as offering an indication of where each is in the process.

  • The new SGB web-site will be available soon
  • To learn more about USs and the SGB visit the SAQA site.

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