GISSA Fees and Banking Details

The GISSA annual membership fee for 2022 is R550 for members and R100 for pensioners and students.

Please also take note of the following important notes:

1. All membership fees must reflect in the GISSA National bank account below before the end of February each year. A reinstatement fee, to a maximum of 50% of the prevailing annual fee, may become applicable at the discretion of the GISSA Council. 

2. Any person who was not a paid up member for the previous year or any new member may incur a "Take on" fee of up to 50% of the prevailing annual fee. 

3. Both the "take-on" fee and re-instatement fee have been set at 0% for 2022.

4. You are not a member of GISSA unless your details appear in the GISSA National database, which means that your membership fee payment reflects the correct payment reference on the GISSA National bank statements, for the prevailing year. 


GISSA Bank details: 

Account name: GISSA 

Bank: First National Bank 

Branch: Menlyn Maine 

Branch Code: 250655 

Account No.: 62049789839 

Type: Cheque Account 

It is very important to use your CRM ID and as much as possible of your surname as your payment reference. 

Please send proof of payment to the GISSA Secretary: Please address any queries in this regard

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