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Who we are

If you are interested in free and open source software (FOSS), data, content, architecture, standards and other related philosophies, you will come across like-minded people here. We are advocates for everything Open. We aim to inform as well as to listen and be informed. Specifically, open source GIS software and content have a huge role to play in development in South Africa and we aim to facilitate that. Many thousands of individual users see the power and flexibility of open source GIS. Thousands of government employees have adopted it by installing software like QGIS.

FOSS in South Africa

The South African Government through its Open Source Project Office and the State IT Agency (SITA) is active with policy development and implementation.

Browse and download most of the important documents HERE.

For more recent and additional content visit these sites:

For an international insight see here.

See some examples of well written and poorly written GIS tenders (mostly poor).

Join our community, keep in touch

The GISSA Open Source SIG is in the process of becoming a Local Chapter of OSGeo. OSGeo is an umbrella body for a number of major global open source GIS projects. OSGeo kindly host the mailing list for this SIG, which goes beyond GISSA to include all Africa. Subscribe to the list or if you are a member you can send to the list at You can also email

A lot of activity is taking place on our wiki. Please check it out and add your input or volunteer for a role.

If you are South African and not a member of GISSA yet, please join.

Training and Courses

See the Events section of this website. Also check out courses at FOSS GIS Academy (QGIS, PostGIS, MapServer, OpenLayers, GeoDjango and more).

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