GISSA KwaZulu-Natal Bylaws

Geo-Information Society of South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal Region (GISSA-KZN) Bylaws


Article I    Election of Committee

Section 1 — At a committee meeting preceding the AGM, the Secretary of the committee shall ask committee members whether they are available fore re-election.  The committee shall consist of SIX (6) members.  At the AGM, those available for re-election will be put forward to the members for approval.  Once approved the balance of the members will be elected onto the committee (6 in total). 

Section 2 — A vacancy on the committee shall be filled by the action of co-opting a replacement by the remaining members of the committee. This will be done via a mover and a seconder.  The member nominated should be willing to serve on the committee.

Section 3 — The period of office shall run in conjunction with the membership cycle (currently 1 January to 31 December). If the membership cycle changes the period of office changes accordingly. Membership cycle will follow as per GISSA national guidelines, unless agreed to by a major vote of the GISSA KZN society at the AGM.


Article II     Regional Committee

The governing body of the Regional Body shall be the committee consisting of Nine (9) members of this Regional Body, elected in accordance with article I, section 1 of these bylaws.

At a regional committee meeting following the AGM, nominations by committee members for chairperson,  vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and Five (5) members of the committee who will be elected to serve as sub-committee leaders for the various portfolios of the Regional committee. The candidates for chairperson, secretary, and treasurer receiving a majority of the votes shall be declared elected to their respective offices. The Five (5) candidates for director receiving a majority of the votes shall be declared elected as committee members.


Article III    Duties of Committee Members

Section 1 — Chairperson. It shall be the duty of the chairperson to preside at meetings of the committee and to perform such other duties as ordinarily pertains to the office of chairperson.

Section 2 — Vice-chairperson. It shall be the duty of the Vice-chairperson to serve as a member of the committee, to stand-in for the chairperson when unavailable, and to perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the chairperson, or the committee.

Section 3 — Secretary. It shall be the duty of the secretary to record the attendance at meetings, send out notices of meetings of the region, committees and sub-committees/special interest groups, and record the minutes of such meetings.

Section 4 — Treasurer. It shall be the duty of the treasurer to keep the records of membership, have custody of all funds, accounting for same to the region annually and at any other time upon demand by the committee, and to perform such other duties as pertain to the office of treasurer. Upon retirement from office, the treasurer shall turn over to the incoming treasurer or to the chairperson all funds, and books of accounts.


Article IV    Meetings

Section 1 — Annual Meeting. An annual meeting of the regional body shall be held each year, at which time the election of the committee to serve for the ensuing year shall take place.

Section 3 — 10 % of the membership of the regional body shall constitute a quorum at the annual and any other meetings.

Section 4 — Regular meetings of the committee shall be held on an agreed date at least on a quarterly basis.

Section 5 — Two-thirds of the regional committee members shall constitute a quorum of the board.

Section 6 — Attendance at these meetings are important. If a committee member can not be present, please send your apologies to the secretary prior to the meeting.  If a committee member does not attend 50% of committee meetings for the year, the member will not be made available for re-election, unless appropriate reasons are provided for non attendance.  If a committee member is absent for three (3) successive meetings the above will also apply, unless appropriate reasons for non attendance are provided.


Article V    Fees and Dues

The annual fee applicable shall be determined as stated in the GISSA Constitution (Article 4, Section 4.1).


Article VI     Method of Voting

Voting on the business of the regional body shall normally be transacted by a show of hands unless the majority of the members attending the meeting request a ballot.


Article VII    Sub-Committees

The Regional Body Committee will decide which tasks it will delegate to sub-committees; and if no standing sub-committee (e.g. the sub-committee to arrange functions) is pertinent to that task, the Committee may set-up a new sub-committee to handle this task.


Article VIII    Duties of Sub-Committees

These should be defined in accordance with what sub-committees are in existence for the Regional Committee.


Article IX    Finances

Section 1 — The treasurer shall deposit all funds of the club in some registered bank to be named by the Committee.

Section 2 — All accounts and claims shall be paid electronically by the Treasurer. Payments within a limit as set by Committee may be authorised for payment by the Treasurer upon receipt of a completed claim form and supporting documentation. Claim amounts beyond the set limit will be authorised by the full Committee.


Article X    Resolutions

No resolution or motion to commit the regional body on any matter shall be considered by the region until it has been considered by the Committee.


Article XI    Amendments

These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting, a quorum being present, by a two-thirds vote of all members present, provided that notice of such proposed amendment shall have been mailed to each member at least ten (10) days before such meeting. No amendment or addition to these bylaws can be made which is not in harmony with the GISSA constitution.



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