30th International Cartographic Conference, Florence, Italy 14-17 December 2021

The 30th International Cartographic Conference is to be held in Florence, Italy from 14 to 17 December 2021. GISSA members are invited to enter maps, atlases or digital cartographic products for the conference.

 The following categories are available for entry:

  • MAPS ON PANELS – Maps suitable for board display including relief models or tactile cartography
  • ATLASES – Non-digital atlas products composed of maps or charts
  • DIGITAL PRODUCTS – All digital cartographic products except on-line (web based) products and services
  • DIGITAL SERVICES – For on-line (web-based) digital cartographic products. This category is not part of the competition
  • EDUCATIONAL CARTOGRAPHIC PRODUCTS – Both digital and non-digital educational cartographic products
  • OTHER CARTOGRAPHIC PRODUCTS – All cartographic products which do not fit into the previous categories for example globes.

The guidelines for the preparation and further information regarding the conference are presented in the attached document.

 The entry form for maps is also attached.

All entries must be submitted to :
Ms M Roos
Council for Geoscience

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