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GIS Tender Examples

These are some examples of GIS tenders, illustration good and bad practices (mostly bad)

File ESRI licence renewal for Umgungundlovu DM Oct 2019
This tender is completely out of line. Zero functional requirements, using brand names, zero competition possible, blatantly just renewing licences.
File ESRI licence renewal for DRDLR September 2019
This is a massive one (and a massively bad one) - a national department with many office around the country and that also assists under-resourced municipalities. All they've done is a search and replace to remove words like 'ESRI' or 'ArcGIS' and the way it is structured is very obviously a simple ELA renewal, especially evident in the evaluation criteria. Poorly expressed functional requirements and these all relate to 'GIS licences' - why? One does not need a 'licence' to do GIS. It is totally anticompetitive and flouts FOSS policy. And will end up costing a lot more than a FOSS solution. There was only one bidder (ESRI): As of 1 Nov it doesn't apear to have been awarded yet.
File Joburg GIS 'licence renewal' October 2019
Just like the DRDLR one, this is a simple ESRI licence renewal attempt. It does have some functional requirements as well as development and training specified, but the bulk of it is completely non-functional, simply listing ESRI licences or modules that each department currently has or uses (though all branding has been removed, the disguise is not nearly crafty enough). This must be one of ESRI's biggest clients, as the biggest Metro in SA, which they've had for over twenty years. Esri must be desperate to keep it but one wonders why the Metro is? As government they're supposed to be objective and cost conscious. Why should the tax-payer suffer further fruitless and wasteful expenditure if they've become completely locked-in to the vendor? It's never to late to extricate oneself from the tendrils of proprietary software.
File eMalahleni 'Supply, Implementation, Maintenance and Support for a GIS Software Solution'
Now this one is quite different. It is not perfect but it is much better-written that the others presented here. It presents functional and non-functional requirements and the only place it mentions GIS brands is where it says the solution must integrate with them - no problem! Also the only mention of 'licence' is the request for '5 admin licences' which does not relate to any brand but could have been better expressed as '5 users with admin privileges'. Licences don't come into it. At least this tender is competitive, be being open to any priprietary or FOSS service provider, which is as it should be. This is surprisingly one of the larger municipalities that hasn't been 'captured' by proprietary vendors - they don't have a GIS yet. So here's a chance to start off on a good FOSS footing.
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