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Standard Entry

This applies to all people who did not register through the Grandfather Clause for whatever reason.

This also applies topeople who applied for registration under the Grandfather Clause but for some reason are now not registered in the category they think they should be registered in.

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Which framework?

Avatar Posted by Joseph Spring at Apr 28, 2010 09:01 PM
I'm a bit frustrated with the application procedure. I tried to email but received the same standard reply rather than a real reply to my questions.

I'm looking for one framework to base my application on. I have read through a selection of the documents you have placed on this site (thank you - they are well organised in a logical and user-friendly way). In the "Notes for guidance" document for GISc Tecnicians, there is a nice a clear breakdown of the training schedule into six compulsory areas and seven areas of additional training. In the academic model, however, there are many more areas (including Professional Practice, Mathematical literacy, Geographical literacy, ethics... and others). The latter document is dated 2008 while the former is 2004, though I'm not sure if that necessarily rules out the former, based on the most recent dates of other PLATO documents. If the notes for guidance are outdated, please could you update or remove them?

* So, my question is this - when I present my qualifications and work experience in my PLATO application, which of these frameworks should I use? *

I would appreciate your help on this matter. Thank you.

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