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During a Plato AGM in 2001, it was decided to open a category in the, then surveying only, statutory body for GISc people. This was mainly due to surveyors who changed their careers to GIS and wanted to be registered with a professional statutory body.

The requirements for this first registration were VERY much natural science orientated with the result that all the BA GISc people were excluded. GISSA opened discussions with Plato on behalf of the GISc community and during the Plato AGM of 2003 it was decided to re- open the GISc category. The requirements were rewritten by the GISSA committee, and aligned with the GISc SAQA Qualifications; it was approved during the Plato AGM. The grandfather clause re-opened from the 1st of January 2005 till the 30th of June 2005.

The categories which were opened for GISc were as follows:

  • GISc Technician GISc Te (SA)
  • GISc Technologist GISc Tg (SA)
  • Professional GISc Practitioner Pr GISc (SA)

During an EAC meeting in March 2008 the academic model for the evaluation of GISc qualifications was finally approved. This model, which was based on the SAQA qualifications, allowed the screening committee to evaluate applicants' qualifications.

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Plato Registration

Avatar Posted by Thabo Lekgau at Jul 13, 2012 09:19 AM
I have been working in the GIS Field for 10yr. Diploma in Computer Systems. Please give me an indication if one qualify for plato registration and what's the procedure?

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