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Educational Websites

GIS Dictionary sites

Welcome to the AGI GIS Dictionary

ESRI Support center

GIS Lounge

LANDinfo World Wide Mapping


Map Projections

Map projections

Map projections

Map projections

Map projections


Remote Sensing Web-sites

An interesting Education Globe website

An interesting Education Globe website (Teachers Guide)



The Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Handbook - satellites, and application examples


SA Web-sites

Statistics South Africa

Department of Arts and Culture, South African Geographical Names System

Department of Traditional and Local Government online mapping

An interactive web mapping site for SA

An interactive web mapping site of northern KwaZulu-Natal (including St Lucia), Swaziland and Southern Mozambique.


Global Web-sites

View and download satellite images of the world from the NASA site.

Geographic Information for sustainable development

GIS Geography

Open Source GIS packages

Books about participatory GIS - although not designed for use in schools, some could be used as teaching resources.

The History of Cartography

The Atlas of Canada web site for a ways to display national information using GIS.

Global climate animation

Interactive views of earth from the moon, choose the date and time

Locate places worldwide

Global population estimates

Astronomy Links

World Atlas of Panoramic Aerial Images, great for teaching physical geography. Select a region from along the top of the page. Select an image and left click to view, or right click to save.

National Geophysical Data Center and NOAA Satellite and Information Services for GIS resources and click on Education at the top of the page.

Online College Courses Get Information From Top Accredited Schools Offering Online College Courses

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