BCP is a leading African conservation company which seeks to sustainably finance wildlife and habitat conservation through the forest carbon markets. BCP’s mission is “making conservation of wildlife habitat valuable to people”. We are working with Community and Government partners to help improve the conservation management of over 1 million hectares of globally significant wildlife habitats in Zambia, and currently benefiting 225,000 people. This role’s primary targets are to achieve VCS/CCBA/FCPF validations and verifications in order to generate forest carbon offsets. Additional carbon responsibilities include viability studies, to keep BCP at the forefront of REDD+ methodological developments, to oversee an advisory services arm of the business, and help to design successful African forest carbon projects. The position also supervises biodiversity monitoring—helping BCP to quantify wildlife increase impacts—as well as critical impact monitoring data collection to support the company. The role in addition covers: a. Fully manage the VVB process, including procurement, oversight and contracting. b. Fully manage external consultant processes to delivery and payment. c. Input into national and international REDD+ processes as needed to drive BCP’s interests.

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