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GISSA Western Cape banking details

Banking Details for GISSA National                             

Take note that from 2015 all fees are payable to GISSA National - Make sure you use the correct payment reference!

Bank:                First National Bank   
Account No:     62049789839
Branch Code:   250655
Account Type:  Current (cheque) Account
Payment Reference:
  If you have an invoice, please use the payment reference exactly as on that invoice.
  If you are a new members and do NOT have an invoice, please use the following as your payment reference:
Where XX is your GISSA Region Code: eg: WC for Westerncape, GP for Gauteng, etc.

Annual Membership Fee for 2016:                      R 450,00
New Member Joining Fee from 1 Jan 2015:       50% of Annual Membership Fee
Reinstatement fee from 1 March 2015:
              50% of Annual Membership Fee
Queries and proof of payment to be sent to
You are considered a "New member" if you did not pay membership fees applicable to the previous year, before the end of that year.
Reinstatement fees are applicable if you did pay the previous year's fees, but you did not pay the current year's fees before the end of February in the current year.
New members (first time) joining AFTER 30th June pay 50% of the member fee and the full Joining Fee
Student/pensioner fees can be obtained by emailing

If you have in the past been a member, please do NOT re-JOIN via the Join GISSA button, but rather email to ask for a link to be able to update your previous details.



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