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Why register with Plato

Apart from the fact that registration with a statutory body adds a flavour of professionalism to the industry, there are a lot of other advantages to organisations and individuals to register. Amongst other they are:

  • Get the right person for the job - people who are registered have to comply with a set of rules and requirements which is checked before acceptance.
  • Tenders are now calling for registered personnel – more and more government tenders are asking for registered people, and quite rightfully so, since that is the only way to ensure you get people who know what they are doing.
  • New job descriptions will call for registered people – more and more people are asking for a person registered in one of the categories when they advertise new positions.
  • Accountability – under the Plato Act, GISc Practitioners can be held accountable for their actions or lack thereof.
  • Cut out the fly-by nights – The fly by night that has two training courses from one vendor behind his name and then give himself out as a GIS Professional; is neutralised.
  • As a bonus all Professional Practitioners are also Commissioners of Oath.
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