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SA Geomatics Journal publishes latest issue

The South African Journal of Geomatics builds upon a long history of survey literature in South Africa. It represents the revival (with a name change) of the South African Journal of Surveying and Geo-Information, which has been dormant for a decade. That journal, in turn, was based upon the South African Survey Journal, which was founded in 1923. SAJG is approved by the South African Department of Higher Education & Training.

The latest volume of the South African Journal of Geomatics has been published and is available for you to read free of charge at

Articles include:

  • A New GISc Framework and Competency Set for Curricula Development at South African Universities
  • A New Conceptual Model for the Continuum of Land Rights
  • Towards a Public Sector GIS Evaluation Methodology
  • Examining the Challenges of Cadastral Surveying Practice in Zambia
  • Digital Cadastres Facilitating Land Information Management
  • Spatial Variation in School Performance, a Local Analysis of Socio-economic Factors in Cape Town
  • Assessing the Development of Kenya National Spatial Data Infrastructure (KNSDI)
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