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Proposed Spatial Data Policy published for comment

The South African Department of Rural Development and Land Reform published on May 17, 2013 two draft policy documents in the national Government Gazette (No. 36470) in support of the Spatial Data Infrastructure Act (2003): a) Policy on Pricing of Spatial Information Products and Services, and b) a) Data Custodianship Policy.


The policy on pricing seeks to make spatial data more affordable, and it intends to bring about consistency in the way the pricing policy is applied in the public sector.

The data custodianship policy seeks define the criteria for appointment as a data custodian. It also aims to promote cooperation between the various data custodians.



All interested individuals and organizations are invited to comment on the policies in writing, and to direct their comments within 30 days of publication of the policies in the Government Gazette to: The Director General, Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, Private Bag X 833, Pretoria, 0001 for attention of Ms. Martha Maroale Chauke, Tel. (012) 312-9643. Email:

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