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GISSA AGM Feedback

The GISSA AGM was held at the Department of Environmental Affairs on Friday 8th April 2016.

The GISSA AGM was held at the Department of Environmental Affairs on Friday 8th April 2016 and was well attended.

The highlights of the meeting was the Chairperson's report delivered by Morena Letsosa, present GISSA Chair. Morena also highlighted the SWOT analysis developed during a GISSA Council workshop in December 2015. Dr Manie Brynard delivered the GISSA Secretarial report and feedback was given on the Skills Demand Survey by Prof Serena Coetzee. Sam Osei addressed the Supply Chain Management process and presented the findings of the Section 16 Job Reservations Report in anticipation of the Geomatics Council’s inaugural meeting. The main event during the afternoon session was the voting on the revised GISSA Constitution, ably managed by Zoltan Szecsei, with the amendments receiving unanimous acceptance. Several interesting talks were presented by Gavin Fleming of Kartoza on Opensource software and pitfalls of starting and running a small business. Jeanine Engelbrecht of the Meraka Institute of the CSIR gave a fascinating talk on SAR Interferometry to locate ground subsidence in the wake of earthquakes or as the result of other events such as shallow underground mining and mine fires.

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